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    Bradford/Leeds MMA Club

    Hi guys new to the forum, Ive done a few martial arts before and Ive been doing Thai boxing for awhile however I've wanted to try MMA for awhile now.

    I need to find a good MMA gym around Bradford or Leeds however I dont have a car so would prefer one nearish to train station/ town centres... anyone have any idea of any that are good??? cheers guys


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    not really sure where it is but leeds cage has a good reputation. You can pm me for their number if you can't find the website

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    i was looking into this earlier too being in leeds for uni, found leeds cage as said above, its about 10mins walk from burley park train station which is 5 mins on the train from leeds. Looks decent from all the reviews etc, im gonna try it out once iv finished my physio off!

    leeds cage mma kickboxing k1 -

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    Yeah it's supposed to be a top place to go and the fella I talk to seems bob on to be fair. I only started talking to him as my coach was travelling over there to do a seminar.

    In fact, if you do end up going try and book onto the luta livre seminar on the 3rd october. It would be impossible for you to regret doing that!

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    Team Fulinkazan in Bradford is right in the centre. Great set of lads down there with good coaching and an active fight team.

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    Thanks Jay,

    Team Fulinkazan (BD1) - ::: TEAM FULINKAZAN ::: Mixed Martial Arts Team in Bradford, UK

    Let me know if you have any questions?




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